Elephants movement accross the parks

There are four national parks in the vicinity of that area. The four of them are Hurulu Eco Park, Galoya Eco Park, Kaudulla National Park, and Minneriya National Park. All four of these parks are very well-liked by both residents and visitors from around the globe because of their sizable elephant herds. Large herds of elephants are typically found in the Minneriya National Park from July to September of each year. When the rainy season arrives and the lakes fill up, the elephants migrate to Kaudulla National Park from September to November.

Farmers receive water from the Minneriya and Kaudulla tanks, which are likewise filled by the Moragahakanda dam. At that time, the grass—one of the elephants’ favourite foods—is submerged at the tank’s edge. As a result, the elephants travel to Hurulu Eco Park and Galoya Eco Park in December and January to complete the last leg of their migration in quest of sustenance. After that, they’ll stay at certain parks through the end of April.


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