Safety Guideline for Hurulu Safari

Keep in mind: After reading the following information, you may think that seeing wildlife is a dangerous pastime. This is untrue. As long as you behave responsibly and treat the animals with respect, we believe that seeing wildlife can be a really safe experience. There is very little chance of accidents, and your driver or guide is there to make sure you stay safe. The following advice aims solely to lower the already minimal hazards even more.

  • Since your guide is the one with the most experience, always follow their directions and guidelines. They are quite experienced and are aware of what to do in every situation. The goal of all of their guidelines and directives is to keep you safe while on safari.  
  • Keep your mobile devices off.
  • Within the park, flying a drone, smoking, and drinking are strictly prohibited.
  • Unless specifically instructed otherwise, do not get out of the jeep.
  • Avoid removing anything from the vehicle. It is okay to stand up, but only with the guide’s permission. Always be aware of the surroundings and keep an eye out for branches that hang low.
  • Try not to litter inside the recreation area. Always be aware of not allowing anything to fly out of the jeep.
  • Don’t startle anyone. Animals can be provoked by sudden actions, which could put people in dangerous situations.
  • Don’t talk or laugh too much because animals are easily scared and could run away from the jeep or come at it.
  • Avoid carrying or storing food because the smell of food can frighten animals and put you in danger.
  • Avoid giving wild animals food.
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